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Sorry – No Previews for Rounds 32 and 33

This weekend round 32 and midweek round 33, I am unable to do the previews. Just too busy at the moment so sorry about that. From Round 34 (next weekend) the previews will appear once again. Advertisements

A revitalized Radoncic will be looking to get his name on the scoresheet and notch up a win for Suwon over Pohang late Saturday afternoon

K-League 2012 – Round 31 (Post-Split)

After a break that was much too long we are finally back with the last section of the season. The split has occured and now we have the top half fighting for the championship and the bottom half fighting to ensure they are not relegated. Some big news during the week with Sangju refusing to … Continue reading

Hattrick hero for Ulsan, Kim Shin Wook just got Ulsan up at Sangju and he will need to be at his best once again to help the Ulsan boys snap a recent poor run of form if they are to beat front-runners and fellow Hyundai-sponsored team Jeonbuk this Sunday evening.

K-League 2012 -Round 30 (Super Sunday Split) Preview

The last round of a hectic August and this will be the last time most teams (excepting the FA Cup semi-finalists) have any game action until September 15th, giving them a well deserved three week break. While perhaps not overly important at the top or the bottom, this round will be probably the most important … Continue reading

Old Korean favorite Seol Ki Hyun popped up with goal in their vital win in Ulsan last weekend that rocketed Incheon into the final eight with only two rounds left until the split. Can he manage to get another goal and help the team with another unlikely victory against Jeonbuk on Thursday and complete the amazing turnaround that Incheon have had this season?

K-League 2012 – Round 29 Midweek Preview

The last weekend round turned out to be a very topsy-turvy one with both teams at the top failing to score a win at home while both teams at the bottom did manage to get the win. Only one home team managed to win from all eight games proving how unpredictable the K-League is this … Continue reading

"Supermatch" - Seoul vs. Suwon is always a firecracker, for players and fans alike and is a highlight of the K-League calendar.


For the first time in what seems liked a while the league shut down for a week for some rest before the big bang of 3 games in eight games coming into the last week before the split. The focus of the K-League in Round 28 will be the Supermatch between Seoul and Suwon, which … Continue reading

It has been a big week for defender Jeong In Hwan, grabbing the goal to kill off Daejeon midweek for an Incheon win as well as getting MVP for Round 26 and finding himself being selected for the Korean National Team for the first time. Can he and his team Incheon continue their strong run against Gangwon this Sunday and make a very late charge for the Top 8

K-League 2012 – Round 27 Preview

This round will be the end of a tiring run for a lot of teams, with half of them having played 5 games within the space of 2 weeks. After this weekend they get a full week off to recharge the batteries before a mad last week gives us 3 games in 7 days. However, … Continue reading

Denis Laktionov made a surprising return to the K-League after being out for 5 years for Gangwon against Seoul. Will his return be the difference in getting Gangwon the win over Jeju and getting themselves away from the battle at the bottom?

K-League 2012 Round 26 – Midweek Edition

The action in the K-League keeps coming at a fast pace and is as hot as the weather has been in Korea the last fortnight. Last round showed nobody is safe with Daejeon going to league leaders Jeonbuk and beating them and with onlt five rounds to go now until the split, all teams are … Continue reading

Kim Shin-Wook and Lee Geun-Ho have both been playing well recently but they will both need to be on fire if they are to win against Suwon in Round 25

K-League 2012 Round 25 Preview

It was a bit of a struggle for the home teams last round with only two of them getting the win as all teams are striving to be safe inside the top eight before Round 30. The pick of the round would be Ulsan vs. Suwon who are battling for 3rd but with both sides … Continue reading

Luke was a two goal hero in Gyeongnam's fantastic performance on Wednesday. If Gyeongnam are to snatch a spot in the top eight they will need him to continue his brilliant form at the back (as well as the front) at Sangju on Saturday.

K-League 2012 Round 24 Preview

The games keep on coming and coming in the next few rounds as the players get little time to rest as a lot of teams will be playing two games a week until the end of August. The battles all throughout the table continue and it is very hard to predict what the order of … Continue reading

Molina scoring a brilliant Scorpion Goal in their Round 22 drubbing against Busan. Can Seoul continue to challenge Jeonbuk at the top and get the win in Daejeon this Wednesday night?

K-League 2012 Round 23 Preview – Midweek Madness

The halfway point has come and gone but there is no time to reflect as the action comes thick and fast in the next couple of weeks. Jeonbuk keep on firing at the top but the real action at the moment is at the bottom where the bottom six teams are within three points of … Continue reading