The Outside View: Podside Story

In the opening sequence of The Outside View movie there would be a series of short clips of James Maas and I sitting at various games in differing places around Suwon’s Big Bird stadium with James turning to me saying “We should make a K-League podcast”, me repeatedly laughing off yet another of his excitable suggestions. The … Continue reading

Relegation or Obliteration for 2013?

Just a short opinion piece of something that is playing on my mind the last couple of months. It is a bit of a ramble and a rant but something I feel needs to be said. As we are on the brink of the start of the 2012 K-league season the talk of most people … Continue reading

K-League 2012: The new format explained

The K-League’s back, but not as you knew it. Last season each K-League team played thirty regular season regular season games before the top six fought it out in the playoffs to determine the champion. With no relegation to be fearful of the league’s worst-performing teams coasted towards the end of the season, but with … Continue reading

N-League on the South Coast

For followers of the Korean National League, 2012 promises to be an exciting year. For some it will simply be another opportunity to compete in the tightest and most competitive league in the country, but a few clubs will also have their eye on making a step up to the new K2 league planned for … Continue reading