About Us

About this Blog

The role of this blog and the podcast it supports is to provide information in an entertaining way about all the peaks and troughs of following the beautiful game in the land of the morning calm, South Korea. We hope you enjoy what you find on this site and, be warned,  there’s far more where this came from.

The ROKfootball website (www.rokfootball.com) and its accompanying forum (www.rokfootball.com/forum) is the ideal place to learn the Korean footballing ropes, meet fellow fans, plan away trips and discuss all the goings ons in the football across the peninsula.

For from being an exclusive club we would love like-minded  people to get involved and expand our football-loving community, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. our email is: outsideviewpod@gmail.com

And then there is of course The Outside View podcast…

About the podcast

The  Outside View podcast was the offspring of James Maas asking Iain Pearce one too many times at one too many football matches to make a Korean football podcast. Quickly and wisely bringing Matt Burnett and Producer Ian into the fold the mission was set and blast off commenced in  the summer of 2010.

Since then the potentially award-winning show has been released weekly on to an unsuspecting and generally unlistening world. We welcome your ears along on our continued voyage through the footballing stratosphere.

You can subscribe for free to The Outside View podcast on iTunes in the normal manner or it can be downloaded directly from:



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