Challengers League – The Halfway Point (Sort of)

Half way through the K3 league and its living up to its reputation of being not quite a normal league. In fact with a 25 game season then there isn’t even really a half way point, but 13 games in is as close as we are going to get so its probably a good point … Continue reading

Match Report – Bucheon 1995 v Cheonan, Saturday 3rd March.

Where did you go? Bucheon, for the Challengers League opener against Cheonan. Bucheon is just another of those suburbs of Seoul. As much as those places like to think they have their own identity, they are really just stops on the subway. How did you get there? Not surprisingly, I went on the subway. The … Continue reading

Challengers League 2012 – Season Preview

If the mythically, massive crowds of the K-league scare you, then fear not you have two options to still enjoy football in Korea. You could go and watch Seongnam or you could watch lower league football instead. Seeing as cardboard cut out legend sjcthree has already covered the N-league I thought I’d give a quick run-down of the … Continue reading