Living Legends: #5 Seo Dong-Hyeun

The history of football is illuminated by those rare and unique talents who have had the footballing ability to unite their countries, pull lesser players along with them to international glory or create moments of genius without even hitting the target. We all know of the exploits of Zidane, Maradonna and Pele, but what of … Continue reading

Living Legends: #4 Kim Jin-woo

In the fourth article in our ongoing series Mark Trevena looks at an underrated and often overlooked Suwon midfield legend who was so good at fouling that referees didn’t bother cautioning him. Every successful club had one of them. You know, just like whatshisname at that team that won stuff or thingumabob who picked up … Continue reading

Living Legends: #3 Sasa Drakulic

In the third article in our ongoing series Mark Trevena looks at a foreign goalscoring legend with a penchant for fast cars and Miss Koreas. Modern footballers are rubbish. Not in the sense that they’re rubbish at football, as some of them really are quite good, but they’re rubbish at keeping up the grand traditions … Continue reading

Living Legends: #2 Kim Byung-Ji

In the second article in our ongoing series David Speirs looks at a Korean goalkeeping and fashion trailblazer. Having a really ridiculous haircut can mean two things, either it can be because you are a big-headed idiot, or because you are so great that you can get away with it. The dyed mullet that sits … Continue reading

Living Legends: #1 Stevica Ristić

In the first of a regular series, David Spendley looks at a player who in his time in Korean football has managed to steal his  heart. In an age where players kiss your teams badge one week and then move to your rival the next it is nearly impossible to like footballers. You are required to … Continue reading