K-League Round 14 (Buddha’s Birthday) Preview

Eninho driving his team...Five games in a row he has scored now...can he do it against Suwon as well??

Korea celebrates a three day long weekend this weekend as the nation celebrates Buddha’s birthday on Monday. Good news for K-League watchers and followers is that this means there will be three days of K-League action spread over the long weekend. As Suwon and Seoul start to build a little buffer over the other contenders … Continue reading

Two Horses and Turning Points

Clean Air for the Top Two The riders are now well into the 2012 stage of the K-League, and after thirteen rounds there could now be two teams attempting to ride away from the peloton and off into the sunset. Suwon and FC Seoul both enjoyed 2-1 successes at the weekend and have now opened up a … Continue reading

K-League Round 13 Preview

Song Jin Hyung celebrating a goal for Jeju, one of many he has had a hand in this season

As we approach the halfway point of the first phase of the season the chaebol teams have really started to pull away from the smaller citizen teams, with the exception of Daegu nowhere to be seen inside the top 10 and are falling further and further from the leading pack. Thirteen may be unlucky for … Continue reading

Three From the Top

There have been plenty of great and not so great performers so far in the K-League and I think it’s time to put the spotlight on some of them now…well, not that bad ones, that would just be mean now wouldn’t it. And not all of them either, just a few that have come from … Continue reading

Phwoar One, Suwon are Rolling

David Spendley looks back at Suwon’s impressive second half come back as the Bluewings came from behind to earn a 4-1 victory at home to Gwangju FC. Suwon reclaimed their place at the summit of the K-League after an electrifying second half. An Everton inspired forty-five minutes saw the Bluewings punch back against a resilient … Continue reading

K-League Round 12 Preview.

Lee dong gook will be looking to get the goals against Ulsan on Friday Night

The podcast might be done and dusted but the blog continues to go on (and perhaps read by only myself) and we turn over the new leaf by looking at the fixtures for Round 12. Round 11 brought us some shocks with the 2 bottom teams getting good results at home with Daejeon the huge … Continue reading

The Outside View: Podside Story

In the opening sequence of The Outside View movie there would be a series of short clips of James Maas and I sitting at various games in differing places around Suwon’s Big Bird stadium with James turning to me saying “We should make a K-League podcast”, me repeatedly laughing off yet another of his excitable suggestions. The … Continue reading

K-League Round 11 (Kiddies Day) Preview

Matt McKay doing the business for Busan

Round eleven sees most of the games held on the Korean holiday of Children’s Day. With lots of kids in attendance crowds should be much bigger than normal so hopefully the action on the pitch can match the added excitement off the pitch. There are no outstanding matches that grab the eye this round but … Continue reading