The Jijidae Derby: Suwon Bluewings vs. FC Seoul

This Sunday the K-League sees the revival of old hostilities as FC Seoul make the short trip from the capital to Suwon to take on the Bluewings. Purely in footballing terms the league-leaders going away to the third placed team makes for an exciting prospect, but there’s a lot more than that to the highest … Continue reading

K-League Round 5 preview

It has already been almost a month since kickoff and things are starting to settle with most teams showing what they can do. With only 4 rounds played we only have 2 undefeated teams and to balance that out 2 teams who are yet to grab a win. With the “supermatch” featuring this weekend it … Continue reading

Living Legends: #5 Seo Dong-Hyeun

The history of football is illuminated by those rare and unique talents who have had the footballing ability to unite their countries, pull lesser players along with them to international glory or create moments of genius without even hitting the target. We all know of the exploits of Zidane, Maradonna and Pele, but what of … Continue reading

Two Up Two Down

The 2012 season may be just three games old but so far there are two trailblazers leading the way with 100% starts and two snailgazers without even a point to put in front of the fans and show them that a slow start is all just part of the master plan. Let’s have a look … Continue reading

K-League Round 4 Preview

Lee Keun-Ho on fire in Round 3...will he add to his hattrick against Daegu??

With 3 rounds done already the big 4 (plus Gwangju surprisingly) have steamed ahead of the pack with a 3 point lead and already seem to be a class above everybody else. Pohang and Seongnam would have expected to have been there with them but with both teams failing to grab a win as yet … Continue reading

The Outside View Podcast Episode 304

While you were sleeping, a giant rolled into town and set its ready to enter your ears! Fear not, gentle reader, for it’s nothing more nefarious than The Outside View Podcast Episode 304!!  Yes!  Get in!! Ride the crest of the Hallyu Wave from Jeju to Gangwon, and all places in between, as we review … Continue reading

Living Legends: #4 Kim Jin-woo

In the fourth article in our ongoing series Mark Trevena looks at an underrated and often overlooked Suwon midfield legend who was so good at fouling that referees didn’t bother cautioning him. Every successful club had one of them. You know, just like whatshisname at that team that won stuff or thingumabob who picked up … Continue reading

Awayday – Daegu v FC Seoul

Another awayday, this time in the top division and featuring the visit of FC Seoul to Daegu. It’s thoughtfully presented in the familiar question and asnswer format that keeps me from rambling on too much… So, where did I go? Daegu, for their opening K-League fixture with FC Seoul. I like Daegu, it’s a nice city with … Continue reading

Incheon’s New Home Comforts

Sunday afternoon saw the opening game at Incheon United’s magnificent-looking new Sungeui Stadium. The weather was cold, but how did everything the club’s new home had on offer help to warm up the thousands who made their way there for the grand opening? Location Situated directly across the street from Dowon Station (도원역) on line 1 … Continue reading

The Outside View Podcast Episode 303

Hello there Friends Of The Blog! Following a huge week, which included the second round of K-League games…AND a huge AFC Champions League midweek…The Outside View Podcast has returned!  Hooray!  It was touch and go at Outside View headquarters after Producer Ian’s computer decided that it didn’t want the pod to go ahead…but there’s no … Continue reading