The Managerial Pressure Cooker, Part 2

With all the stress and tension who’d be a football manager? I bet you would. Anyone can see your team needs a new left back, playing one up front at home shows a negativity bordering on the suicidal and why oh why are you persisting with that cart horse of a striker who’s only scored … Continue reading

K-League Round 1 Preview.

Finally, the season is set to start after the long cold winter and with the weather beginning to warm up as we look to spring, the action on the pitch will start as well. The first round is always one where we can see whether the changes in the off-season worked and whether our expectations … Continue reading

Relegation or Obliteration for 2013?

Just a short opinion piece of something that is playing on my mind the last couple of months. It is a bit of a ramble and a rant but something I feel needs to be said. As we are on the brink of the start of the 2012 K-league season the talk of most people … Continue reading

K-League 2012 Season Preview!!

The off-season is quickly coming to a close and with teams currently in warm-up mode there is no better time to look at what joys the K-league can possibly bring us in 2012. With 2011 being a dark year for the league with all the match-fixing nonsense the only way is to look forward and … Continue reading